Aluminum Architectural Profile

Aluminum Architectural Profile is commonly used for windows and doors due to its features of good appearance, light weight, good machinability and enough strength as steel. It is ideal for repair, maintenance and temporary outdoor fixtures. The material’s quality, cost-effectiveness, protective properties, environmental friendliness and strength are key to its popularity in aluminum architecture worldwide.


Standard Specification

GB/T 5237


EN 755

Available Size Range

  • Circumscribing Circle (A) :

    20 ~ 350 mm
  • Wall Thickness (B) :

    > 0.8 mm
  • Length :

    1,000 ~ 6,000 mm

Surface Finish

Mill Finish as default, Anodized, Electrophoretic Coating, Powder Coating, PVDF Coating (Paint, Film, Thickness, Color to be clarified when ordering)

Surface Protection

PVC film, Plastics bag packaging, Paper interleaved

Production Process



Standard form, or as per confirmed drawings

Alloy and Temper

Alloy Temper
6000 Series: 6063 T5
Alloy Series Chinese Standard American Standard European Standard
6000 Series 6063 6063 EN AW-6063
Temper Definition
T5 Cooled from an elevated temperature shaping process and then artificially aged