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Hydro to newly build aluminum recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan

26 Nov 2021 14:24 reported by Joy Liu

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Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian aluminum and renewable energy company, recently announced its plan to build a new state-of-the-art aluminum recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan.

The plant was designed to produce 120,000 tons of aluminum extrusion ingots per year. The construction was scheduled to commence in the early first quarter of next year, and the production will be started in 2023. The plant will create around 70 jobs.

According to Hydro, the plant’s production line will be used to produce its products of low-carbon aluminum brand Hydro CIRCAL, which is one of Hydro's greener brands.

Hydro CIRCAL products contain a minimum of 75% recycled aluminum, with a CO2 footprint lower than 2.3 kilograms of CO2 emissions per kilogram for aluminum production.