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Nalco predicts alumina, aluminum production will grow by 3.5 this year
Indian state-run National Aluminum Co (Nalco) said, the aluminum production is expected to grow by 3.5 by the end of 2016, mainly due to the domestic consumption growth and aluminum prices rebounded. The aluminum production in will reach 385,000 tons this year, increased by 3.8 compared with the same period last year.

In order to improve the aluminum production capacity, the company will also increase the corresponding alumina production by 9.1 to 2.13 million tons, alumina refinery capacity utilization increased by 85 to 93.62.

Mr. Chand said that prior to that the alumina refining requires large amounts of energy, the cost of coal is high at the same time, so the company has tightened alumina production capacity. But now the coal resources are enough to supply.
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