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Australian Bauxite’s ALCORE plans to launch aluminum fluoride construction project in 2020
It was reported that Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx)’s ALCORE Limited (ALCORE) aluminum fluoride construction project was planned to be launched in March next year. The project, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, was totally invested by Australian Bauxite, with a budget of around US$20 million.

The project was expected to need about 7 months to be completed, which might be put into operation in September 2020.

Besides, the firm also had a plan to expand the annual production capacity to 50,000 tons in 2 years.

The technical feasibility to produce aluminum fluoride with bauxite has been approved. The production of 1 ton of aluminum fluoride needed the consumption of about 2 tons of bauxite.
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