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Jordan makes first final ruling of safeguard measure sunset review on aluminum bars, rods, profiles
It was reported that the WTO's Committee on Safeguards issued that it received the Jordanian delegation’ safeguards notification on September 13th, making the first final ruling of safeguard measure sunset review on the imports of aluminum bars, aluminum rods and aluminum profiles.

The additional tariff 290 Jordanian dinars/ton will continue to be imposed on the products involved, and this tariff will be decreased by 10 Jordanian dinars/ton year by year, valid for 3 years from the effective date when the resolution was announced on two daily newspapers in Jordan.

The products involved in this case were under Jordanian tax code 7604, excluding codes 7604.211, 7604.01, 7604.212, 7604.291. The imported products from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao were exempted from the above safeguard measure.
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