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Jamaica government committed to environmental protection on bauxite mining
Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, had reiterated the state's commitment to environmental protection, saying the decision to allow bauxite mining was not a waiver of environmental protection.

Holness believed that Jamaica was a country with a high degree of rule of law and environmental control was particularly obvious. He insisted on developing the economy on the basis of environmental protection rather than sacrificing the environment.

Although Jamaica was currently developing new bauxite resources, unsupported by many people, Holness believed that it was only in the exploration stage of resources, but not the actual mining. Actually the Jamaican government was doing a lot of green work, including a project to plant four million trees.

The new bauxite concession was controversial and was an environmentally sensitive issue, while the Jamaican government said it would restore the site's topsoil after mining.
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