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Diageo to build new plant for aluminum recycling and manufacturing in UK

25 May 2023 16:03 reported by Yolanda Wang

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Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, announced that it will join the British Aluminium Consortium for Advanced Alloys (BACALL) by investing in the construction of a new aluminum recycling and manufacturing plant in the UK, which will reduce carbon emissions during the import and export of aluminum sheets.

According to Diageo, the new plant will provide recycled aluminum that can be used to produce more than 400 million cans of Guinness and Gordon's drinks.

The operation of this factory can not only accelerate the company's ten-year sustainable development plan through aluminum recycling, but also reduce carbon emissions in the process of importing and exporting aluminum plates, and greatly reduce the company's dependence on raw materials for making aluminum.

Diageo said that they are now seeking to work with businesses and the government not only to reduce the carbon footprint of aluminum but also to bring this part of the aluminum supply chain back to the UK.