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China's aluminum prices remain strong

14 Sep 2021 16:10 reported by Iona Chen

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The downstream aluminum materials of China's electrolytic aluminum are mainly aluminum bars, aluminum sheets, aluminum rods, aluminum foils, and aluminum alloy products, which accounted for 49%, 19%, 12%, 8%, and 7%, respectively. Among them, real estates and traffic industries accounted for 54% of aluminum consumption in total, the largest downstream end consumer.

The price of electrolytic aluminum in China was in a strong position. Some steel mills will transfer the cost pressures to the downstream buyer, driving aluminum prices to rise sharply.

In addition, due to the coup in Guinea, bauxite, the raw material for aluminum making, will face a shortage, which will reduce the production of electrolytic aluminum.

At present, the prospect of aluminum products is still promising; however, the price is rising too fast, which will cause adverse effects on downstream industries.